About Park Farm

Park Farm is a 12.9MW ground mount solar PV project near Packington in Leicestershire, which has been in operation since March 2015. Belltown Power acquired the project in 2014 and managed it through final design, procurement and construction and continues to Asset Manage the project, ensuring its efficient operation and optimum returns for the investor.


The site covers an area of 29 hectares and panels are set back from the eastern boundary in order to provide an area dedicated for biodiversity enhancements.

The Build

After acquiring the project from Solstice, the team worked tirelessly with the local planning authority to expedite the pre construction discharge requirements to ensure that the construction programme could be achieved. ETS began construction at the end of 2014 and due to weather challenges they implemented mitigation solutions to maintain the delivery programme and high quality build. The plant was successfully energised in March 2015 before the renewable obligation deadline.

Community Benefits



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